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Outcrop Interpretation (S. Buckley, D. Girardeau): LIME and CloudCompare training courses

This course will cover practical exercices allowing participant to learn about intepretation, analsis and visualisation of DOM (Digital Outcrop Models) using the both open source softwares CloudCompare and LIME. 

CloudCompare is open source software designed for high performance point cloud processing. Initially developed for comparing 3D point clouds (change/difference detection) it has, over time, become a general and well-respected point cloud processing utility, with many users around the world. The software includes advanced algorithms such as registration, resampling, handling of colour, normal and scalar fields, computation of statistics, segmentation and display enhancement. In addition, plugins are available implementing state-of-the-art algorithms reported in the scientific literature.

LIME is a high performance 3D viewer for working with models acquired using laser scanning, photogrammetry and related spatial measurement techniques. The software focuses on novel and advanced visualisation of surface meshes and photorealistic textured models, and allows additional data types (photos, georeferenced image files, hyperspectral images, panels, annotations) to be placed and overlaid in the 3D environment. LIME includes interpretation tools to allow digitisation and measurement of features. The combination of large data handling, ability to load multiple object types, and novel rendering makes LIME a unique tool for preparing high quality graphical products for presentation and collaboration.

This course can be performed on your own computer. Let us know if it is the case.

The registration fee includes:

  • Lunch and coffee breaks 
  • Computers, software and datasets provided


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