Local Organisation Committee:

- Sophie Viseur CEREGE-AMU

- Jean-Borgomano CEREGE-AMU

- Juliette Lamarche CEREGE-AMU

- Philippe Léonide CEREGE-AMU

- Laurent Jorda LAM

- Olivier Groussin LAM


Scientific Committee:

The VGC 2020 committee aims to represent different disciplines and application areas relevant to the conference themes.

      - Prof Doug Stead, Simon Fraser, Canada, Engineering geology

      - Prof Jim Chandler, University of Loughborough, UK, Photogrammetry/geomorphology

      - Prof Simon Buckley, Uni Research, Norway, Geomatics/remote sensing/geomodels 

      - Dr Marc-Henri Derron, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, Laser scanning for natural hazards

      - Dr Thomas Dewez, BRGM, France, Geomatics in geoscience

      - Prof Nick Rosser, Durham, UK, Remote sensing/coasts/rockfall

      - Prof John Howell, University of Aberdeen, UK, Digital outcrop geology

      - Prof Michel Jaboyedoff, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, Laser scanning for natural hazards

      - Prof Einat Lev, Columbia, USA, Physical volcanology/lava flow/photogrammetry

      - Dr Nicole Naumann, Uni Research, Norway, Geo-ecology, remote sensing, databases

      - Prof Georgia Fotopoulos, Queen's University, Canada, Remote sensing in geo-engineering

      - Dr Tobias Kurz, Uni Research, Norway, Hyperspectral imaging, 3D modelling

      - Prof Antonio Abellan, Leeds, UK, Remote sensing, slope instabilities

      - Mr Holgar Kessler, British Geological Survey, UK, Geological modelling

      - Dr Sophie Viseur, Aix-Marseilles University - CEREGE, France, Computer science/image analysis in geology

      - Dr Laurent Jorda, Aix-Marseilles University, France, Astrnomy/Topography reconstruction

      - Dr Olivier Groussin, Aix-Marseilles University, France, Astronomy/Comet analysis

       - Prof Jean Borgomano, Aix-Marseilles University- CEREGE, France, Sedimentology/Carbonates

       - Dr Juliette Lamarche, Aix-Marseilles University- CEREGE, France, Structural Geology

      - Dr Lucilla Benedetti, CNRS - CEREGE, France, Geomorphology/Seismic/tectonic

      - Dr Philippe Léonide, Aix-Marseilles University - CEREGE, France, Sedimentology/Diagenesis



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